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John Stroy

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12:07 am: Technote: iPod Shuffle - "Could not mount iPod" error

Situation: The iPod Shuffle fails to connect and synchronize to iTunes; additionally, the iPod Updater's Restore mode fails with the message "Could not mount iPod."

Solution: (none yet -- solution pending; see below for possible solution)

Task: Format the iPod Shuffle.

Reason: The Shuffle no longer works; however, it's rumored to be just a flash drive with extensions to use it when unplugged / unmounted.  The Shuffle's data on the flash should be reset with a full format of the removable drive.

Hurdles: Yes; iTunes makes the flash drive disappear if it's not in Disk Mode.  Also, it appears that the iPod doesn't appear as a flash drive unless it's in Disk Mode, inferred from alternate iPod synchronization managers.

Workaround: Yes, possibly; maybe stopping iPodService will do the trick; any other drivers that are Apple provided for the iPod in the driver chain of the iPod's mounting should also be stopped if possible.  Stop all Apple applications relating to iPod as well.

iPod and Apple and all that other stuff are registered trademarks of Apple Computer.

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