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John Stroy

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June 14th, 2009

02:26 am: Windows 2003 booting off of iSCSI
This a recipe to boot Windows 2003 off of iSCSI:

- Set up an iSCSI target.  I used StarWind iSCSI Target because I'm a cheapass.
- Enable anonymous connections.

- Match the hardware of the preparation system with your deployment system.  Try to use SCSI for both systems to avoid the IDE migration problem.
- Install Windows 2003 on the preparation system.
- Install the network drivers.
- Update to the latest service pack.
- Install the Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator 2.08 on the preparation system.  Use the Boot Initiator (x86-32, x86-64) near the middle of the page.
- Configure the iSCSI initiator to start at boot time, and specify the network adapter for it to use.
- Configure the iSCSI initiator to use the iSCSI target.  I chose not to use CHAP, and I left the checksum/header options disabled so that it would work with StarWind iSCSI Target.
- Clone the disk of the preparation system.  For a virtual machine, copy the virtual hard disk image in the host machine, and attach it as another SCSI device on the virtual machine.
- Add a disk with enough temporary storage space to store a complete backup of the clone image.
- Start the preparation system again.
- In Disk Management, initialize and create a partition on the iSCSI target.  Format as necessary.
- Mount all relevant disks in the Disk Management utility; give each one a unique drive letter.
- Start Backup.  Configure Backup, removing all exclusions.
- Make a complete copy-style backup of the clone of the system drive on to a file in the temporary storage drive.
- Restore the backup file to the iSCSI target.
- Set the iSCSI target to be the active partition in Disk Management.

Your iSCSI boot drive is ready.

- With your iSCSI target still running, use a boot-time initiator such as gPXE.  Choose the right version of gPXE for your Ethernet adapter, download and burn it to a CD or copy it to a floppy or put it in your bootloader.
- Start gPXE on the deployment system.  Type control+b.  Type "autoboot".  Type "sanboot  " followed by the FQDN of the iSCSI target, followed by "::::", followed by the name of the iSCSI image.
- You should soon see Windows 2003 start without a hitch.

January 23rd, 2009

10:12 pm: Dailymotion Shockwave Flash player hidden Stream Info panel
A bit of developer discovery... I found this while switching tabs in my browser.  In Daily Motion's Shockwave Flash media player, pressing Control+Tab results in a Stream Info panel.  I didn't find anyone else mentioning this on the web, so I thought I'd leave it here, in case anyone else ever needs it.

Here's where I found it:


In case that link dies:


Pretty, isn't she? 

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June 28th, 2008

12:46 am: Just a quick update here (wow, has it really been that long?).  I'm now employed (have been for a month) during the summer at Intel Corp (yes, really!) as an intern.  It's pretty cool, I have to say.  *snip!* This part is hidden from anonymous users.  Please login to view it as a separate post! *snip*

But what inspired me to write isn't that.  It's music.  Ever heard of Vienna Teng?  Yes, if you thought her stuff was slow and mellow, you should hear Gregorian!  It makes her songs sound like DragonForce in comparison!  Is that good or bad?  Your call.  I like it, 'cause it's relaxing.  Don't known where to look?  YouTube is a good choice, but I recommend Seeqpod.  Enjoy!

June 7th, 2007

02:11 am: Hello
Good morning, everyone.

I haven't been here in forever, so I don't know what's happened.   So apparently, college is a lot more difficult than I expected, and I had less free time than I expected.  I apologize if I say anything that offends anyone for any reason, here and now.

If you get some time to kill, drop me a line, hmm?  Write me.  Let me know how things are going.

Keep in touch, okay?  Please don't get too mad at me if I have trouble remembering who you are at first.  My brain is cluttered with memories of C++, Vector Analysis II, software engineering, and French. =)

August 3rd, 2006

03:24 am: facebook pictures


\1 - protocol - always "http://"
\2 - photos server - always "photos" + photo server number
\3 - photos server number - regex:"[0-9]{3}"
\4 - unknown - have seen in sample "ak", not always present
\5 - facebook domain - always ".facebook.com"
\6 - unknown - appears to be "ip" + regex:"[0-9]{3}"
\7 - unknown - appears to be regex:"v[0-9]+"
\8 - unknown - have seen "24"
\9 - ID of user - always regex:"[0-9]+"
\10 - Image name - consists of image size + ID of user + unknown digits + unknown digits + ".jpg"
\11 - Image size - [nst] N for normal, S for small, T for Tiny

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12:39 am: Now I'm legal!  No pics or videos ;)

Hi, everyone!

I apologize for being rather slack on reading journals.  How is everyone?  What's the latest buzz?

June 30th, 2006

12:07 am: Technote: iPod Shuffle - "Could not mount iPod" error

Situation: The iPod Shuffle fails to connect and synchronize to iTunes; additionally, the iPod Updater's Restore mode fails with the message "Could not mount iPod."

Solution: (none yet -- solution pending; see below for possible solution)

Task: Format the iPod Shuffle.

Reason: The Shuffle no longer works; however, it's rumored to be just a flash drive with extensions to use it when unplugged / unmounted.  The Shuffle's data on the flash should be reset with a full format of the removable drive.

Hurdles: Yes; iTunes makes the flash drive disappear if it's not in Disk Mode.  Also, it appears that the iPod doesn't appear as a flash drive unless it's in Disk Mode, inferred from alternate iPod synchronization managers.

Workaround: Yes, possibly; maybe stopping iPodService will do the trick; any other drivers that are Apple provided for the iPod in the driver chain of the iPod's mounting should also be stopped if possible.  Stop all Apple applications relating to iPod as well.

iPod and Apple and all that other stuff are registered trademarks of Apple Computer.

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April 24th, 2006

02:17 am: Oh, and prom was lovely, my date was lovely, and I'm still single.  I have approximately $12,300 per year of college paid out of about $16,000; about $24,000 out of $36,000 at the one that I'm not attending.

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02:10 am: Hi, all!

I'm just letting you all know that I'm still alive, but enslaved by the usual toils of life. If you care to write me a message or something, you're always welcome to page me on ICQ, write me an IM on AIM, send me an email (any username on the server jdstroy.port5.com), leave a comment, or anything else conceivable.  Just be aware that I will probably be very busy until after the second week of May.

Love you all!

--J. S.


- I apologize to those on SRO; I should have posted an "away for now" message as a sysadmin, but I suppose you all figured it out by now, right?

- Darcy: How are things at SRO, from your perspective?  Is there anything urgent that I need to resolve?  Do you have a scheduled maintenance downtime to upgrade phpBB yet?

- Ayrrie: Sorry that you didn't get the spot. =/

- Everyone else: I didn't forget you guys!  =/ But I'm not aware of anything right now, so please bring me up-to-date!

- Anyone else who chooses: Care to run distcc + cross-compile gcc on Cygwin for me? ;)

- If anyone cares, I'm going to be taking these exams: AP English Lit., AP Stat. and Prob., AP Chem., AP Comp. Sci., AP Psychology, AP Calc. BC.  Fun, no?  Yeah, wish me luck.  And all of you with exams, I share your pain.

What's new:

- I'm going to try to get a job in the summer.
- I know where I'm going for college.  Ask me on IM or email.
- I have a USB flash drive (128 MB) -- you know what that means!
- I have my first piece of Apple hardware: an iPod shuffle
- I know who I'm rooming with at the university.
- I have another MP3 player, 256 MB... and yet, it's not enough space for everything!  wtf!
- I still need freakin' broadband and/or a PDA! >(
- If you're interested in webcomics, someone introduced me to quite a few; ask me, and I'll send them.  If you read them, tell me how you like them, because I have NO TIME TO READ! ='( Damn.

Added AP Psychology.

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